Pause: The Heist

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Swedish electronics retailer Pause invites you to become a thief. In this new campaign created out of Akestam Host, Pause is inviting you to break into its stores and steal an LED television worth $5,700 dollars. On November 10th after the store's closing, your task will be to deactivate the store's security system and actually break in. But it's not a one-burglar job--you'll need to tag team with a buddy in order to crack the code.

In order to enter the store, and, as copywriter Joakim Labraaten puts it, make some "Tom Cruise-moves," you'll need the assistance of a partner at a computer to help you shut the security system down and crack codes along the way. The contest begins November 10th, after Pause shuts down for the evening, and then ends when an LED television set is finally removed from the store.

But even those who don't get away with a new set enjoy some benefits. Those who crack the door code get a 10% discount off Pause products, those who get past the motion detector get 20% off and if you actually make it into the showroom with the TV, you get a 30% markdown off goods.

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