When Should You Pee During a Movie? An App Will Tell You

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Never miss a pivotal movie scene because that Diet Coke is literally running through you again, because this smart little app, created by the 'RunPee Family,' tells you the best time to go to the restroom during movies.

The team behind the family-owned app watches every wide-release flick on opening day, and keeps tabs on 3 minute to 5 minute breaks where nothing consequential seems to happen. (In the case of a Kate Hudson movie, that's basically the entire thing, we assume.)

You can tell the app what movie you're watching, and it flags those "peetimes" for you. Your phone can vibrate when those times are coming up, and the app also provides a little synopsis of what happened when you were out.

There are also some clever little add-ons, like which peetimes you should use, and which to avoid, except in cases of dire emergencies. The team also has reviews of movies and a grade given to each. RunPee is available for mobile, and an app form for iOS and Android.

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