Phil Jackson and AOL Team Up to Punk Twitter

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It was the tweet heard round the sports world. And it turns out it was all a stunt.

Yesterday, NBA coaching legend Phil Jackson made what seemed like a grand but bumbling entrance on Twitter:

Could the former Bulls and Lakers coach who oversaw so much basketball perfection really have entered Twitter in such an imperfect way? Many people thought so, including (embarrassingly enough) this reporter. ESPN did too. "Jackson's Twitter account had amassed more than 23,000 followers before he sent out his first tweet, which also showed the Zen Master still has a ways to go before he masters social media," a reporter there wrote yesterday.

But it turns out Phil Jackson punked us all. His second tweet, posted this afternoon, links to a video hosted on AOL's video hub, AOL On, showing Mr. Jackson trying to compose that first tweet while wearing his 11 championship rings.

An AOL spokeswoman told Ad Age that the tweet and video are actually teasers for an upcoming "activation" around March Madness. Asked for an explanation of what she meant by "activation," she said more info would be surfacing soon. She also said that Phil Jackson's Twitter account will soon provide some updates. She declined to disclose financial details for the deal with Mr. Jackson.

A Business Insider report saying that it was a PR stunt for his new book isn't accurate, she added.

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