Play the Memory Game Online With the Swedish Post

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Swedish Post and Akestam Holst continue to turn out more fun ways to get people excited about delivering packages. The mail carrier has launched a new online memory matching game inviting players to find pairs of presents in a sea of parcels. Just like with its simple card counterpart, players must turn over packages to find the mates -- but be careful as uncovering a joker will send all the remaining packages into a shuffle. (Check out the game trailer here.) Those who win get both prizes delivered to Swedish locations of their choice -- but each has to be delivered to a different address. Why? Because giving is half the fun.

The holidays have proved to be an especially fertile creative period for the client. Last year, it recreated classic Swedish Christmas card tableaux inspired by artist Jenny Nystrom and broadcast it online. There, users could take pictures of the scenes to create their own unique Christmas cards. The previous year, it launched a "living Christmas Card" effort and set up cameras in the remote Swedish countryside. Visitors to the site could then take snapshots of the reindoor and town localcs to create unique e-greetings.

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