All about PlayStation 4; Life After Steve Jobs is 'Weird'; Apply for Google Glass and More

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All About Playstation 4

Sony announced the all-new Playstation 4 and its accompanying new controller, the DualShock 4, this week. There are a few interesting things about the new devices, such as their ability to play games via streaming tech. The Verge rounds up everything you need to know about Sony's new products.

Life After Jobs

It's "weird" and the company is trying not to "lose its edge," according to Wired's collection of insights from three Apple bigwigs: design chief Jony Ive, chairman Art Levinson and co-founder Steve Wozniak. The fact that the trio are speaking is interesting by itself, signalling a loosening of the control that Steve Jobs held over the company. But there are some super-interesting things to be gleaned from the conversation. Such as, did you know that Apple spends almost as much time naming its products as designing them?

Tattoos and Telekinesis

That temporary butterfly could soon be used to fly drones with thought and talk, or perhaps to open the refrigerator, according to new research from the University of California at San Diego. Engineers there are working on non-invasive ways to control machines via the mind -- and instead of using brain implants, prefer to go the simpler way, such as using temporary tattoos to detect brainwaves and electric signals, reports io9.

Yahoo Enters the 21st Century

Marissa Mayer unveiled the refurbished and mobile sites on the "Today" show this week -- a cleaner look that AdAgesays is more of a "refresh," rather than a "redesign." One of the central aspects is a newsfeed that, wait for it, actually contains news. It can be personalized for users.

Glasses For All

Want Google Glass? Pony up $1,500 and send in an application. The NYT reports that Google is accepting applications for people to test out the glasses (see an extended video of how the tech feels). Apply by writing a 50-word post on Google Plus or Twitter with the hashtag #ifihadglass.

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