Poke Hack Team Oeuf: Egg Watchers

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At the end of 2009, Poke London held its first version of a hack day, Poke Hack. To encourage a bit of high speed R&D last December, the agency closed its doors for a day and divided its troops into six different teams. Each was give a budget of £100 and 24 hours to come up with an innovative online effort centered on the theme of "food."

This particular effort, EggWatchers, gives not-so-talented egg cooks an entertaining way to get their boiled eggs to the right consistency. Set the site to the egg's desired doneness, and it will pull up video content from the web that fits perfectly into your cooking time.

A team of guest judges decided on the best team, which conceived The Holy Sandwich, a never-ending stack of user generated 'wiches. In March, the agency will give a second prize to the team that generates the most unique views.

To give all the ideas a fair shot, check out the rest of the hacks on the Poke blog. .

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