Take the Politics Out of Your Internet with Unpolitic.Me

Published on .

From the creators of the cuteness-blocking plug in, "Unbaby.Me," comes "Unpolitic.Me," a Google Chrome add-on that takes out any politically-related news, tweets or Facebook statuses. That way, you can ensure you are completely oblivious to news of any importance whatsoever, and focus on that which is really vital -- we don't know, cat pictures, maybe? There's also a Buzzfeed-only button that they've added over on their site that promises to delete any mentions of politics from the site.

Unpolitic.Me was created by Buzzfeed CD Chris Baker, one of the co-creators of UnBaby.Me, as well as Yvonne Cheng and Pete Marquis. Ms. Cheng tells Creativity that the team was getting requests to block political posts as well, so they just tweaked the extension to look for those keywords.

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