A 'Princess Leia' Future: Company Seeks Kickstarter Funding to Make Life-Size Holograms

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For a long time, a 3D hologram has been emblematic of what the future could look like. Ever since Tupac took the stage in an after-death appearance at Coachella last year, it seems like we've been getting closer to making large-scale, life-sized holograms a reality. A Chatsworth, Calif.-based company called Provision is at the forefront of this technology, hoping to evolve the technology even closer to that imagined in Star Trek's famous Holodeck. Provision distinguishes its technology from that of other systems that require use of special glasses or misty backdrops onto which the images are projected. It has been successfully testing a 3D floating hologram that is 52 inches large, and is now launching a Kickstarter program to develop and test the prototype further.

On the hunt for $950,000, the Kickstarter is out to make the stuff of sci-fi into reality. The company says that the tech to make this happen already exists. It is hoping to use the money to deliver hardware that can demonstrate a human-sized hologram and then miniaturize the hardware so it can possibly hit the wider market, perhaps in home game-consoles.

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