The Real Pronunciation of Gif, When Apple Wasn't Boring, Geek-o-Ween Costumes

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Need ideas for a last minute Halloween costume? Adafruit Industries offers this fairly simple way to Tron-ify a basic hoodie. But then again, what these parents did with ther toddler is way cooler (H/T Mashable).

How do you pronounce Gif, for real?
Earlier this week, the New York Times profiled Deadspin's resident Gif artist Tim Burke, who is ready to pounce on any offbeat moment and turn it into a meme, with the help of a totally decked out computer superstation. In the piece, the Times takes the opportunity to clarify that much-debated topic--whether or not GIF is pronounced with a hard, or soft G. (It's a soft G, btw, as noted by the inventor of the .Gif himself, developer Steve Wilhite). Philip Bump continues the thread in The Atlantic Wire, discussing how it so happens that the hard G mispronunciation has come into favor with the younger set and among such media darlings as The Awl's Choire Sicha.

Why Take Ritalin When You Can Play Call of Duty?
Treating ADHD comes with many downsides. First of all, the drugs are expensive and even worse, they're addictive. As Motherboard reports, there's a new, perhaps more fun way to treat those patients and it's called videogames. Helsinki-based doctor Ville Tapio is developing "gameified neuroplasticity therapy" to cure symptoms of ADHD, and he has a lot of help too--790,000 in funding from Finnish investment board Tekes.

Boring Replaces Wow at Apple Events
At its recent big event for unveiling its featherweight iPad Air to its tablet family, Apple got bashed for being more boring than ever. So let's rewind back to the good ol' exciting days, when Steve Jobs first unveiled the iPod, courtesy of Techland.

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