Reviewing The Google Movie; Your Next Domino's Pizza Might Be Delivered Via Drone & More

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The Google Movie: A Review

The Verge's Dieter Bohn reviews this year's most divisive buddy comedy, the Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilcon starrer, "The Internship," also known widely as "The Google Movie." The plot is wafer thin: two buddies try to reinvent themselves for the 21st century by bagging an internship at Google. But as we all know, this movie isn't about that, it's about selling the company to the world. 



Is Silicon Valley Too Greedy for its Own Good?

The Atlantic makes a pretty good case for why Sean Parker's $10 million wedding, which reportedly also bulldozed into an old forest to make a "castle" where the wedding could take place, isn't the only example of the insane excesses of Silicon Valley. Unfortunately, recklessness and greed -- the hallmarks previously associated with Wall Street -- seem to be trickling over to Bay Area folks as well. 



They Won't Take You? We Will!

United States, you got competition. Countries like Canada and Britan are putting out ads to lure H1B workers to their own, reaching out to foreigners with start-up visas, prospects of permanent residency, and the siren song of low business taxes and public health insurance. 



Drone Delivery

CNN reports that Domino's Pizza has delivered its first ever pizza (it was pepperoni, apparently) via drone. While the campaign might just have been a stunt, a U.K. Domino's store posted a video this week of a "DomiCopter" transporting two pies. Currently. U.S. law bans the use of unmanned aircraft for commercial purposes. 



Twitter, Meet WPP

Holding company WPP has signed up for a partnership with Twitter that will let them use data from the site to inform campaigns and ad targeting. The two companies plan to integrate the data into WPP's media and analytics platforms. This is the second such deal for Twitter, which signed recently a partnership with WPP rival Publicis



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