RMS Titanic: Expedition Titanic Demo Video

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Viewers will get a closer peek into the history and wreckage of the Titanic on August 22nd, when RMS Titanic Inc., partnering with with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and the Waitt Institute, will launch Expedition Titanic. The dive aims to help further preservation of the ship, which sits 2.5 miles below sea level, and to give the public an intimate view of its history. To promote the expedition, RMS teamed with Firstborn on a broad digital strategy that includes a fully immersive site and social media.

The site itself transports viewers 2.5 miles below sea level and includes a 3D virtual tour of the wreckage, all of which is embedded with historical information. The agency is also launching social media initiatives to drive viewers to the site, which include video interviews of the crew seeded on YouTube and Facebook. Come August 22nd, the audience can get real time updates on developments on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

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