The Shape of Samsung's New TV; Meet the Macphone; Apple's Retail Secrets & More

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Samsung's Secret CES Surprise

We have no idea what it's going to be, but Samsung is teasing us with a new kind of television the company will show off at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. Gizmodo reports that the company might be unveiling a television with a new shape. Could it possibly be a circle? And if so, what will this mean for TV design in the future?

The Macphone Lives?

Meet the part-mythical Macphone, a prototype by Frog Design founder Hartmut Esslinger from the early 1980s. The Atlantic shows us pictures of this old contraption, a stylus-operated tablet/telephone combination that basically is the "centaur of gadgets."

How do Apple Stores Really Work?

When you walk into an Apple Store, you're usually amazed at how seamless the experience is. TechCrunch reports that a new patent application filing offers more insight into how the tech company manages its retail operations, and keeps customer experiences the same, whether in New York City or Hong Kong -- creating a "hive mind" of sorts that directs everything that's going on.

Mondelez Picks Startups

Kraft/Mondelez has tapped nine startups that will participate in a new mobile-tech initiative to help drive impulse purchases and in-store marketing. The program, which is called "Mobile Futures," will let the startups create applications for brands like Oreo and Trident and may result in a couple of new mobile tech companies Mondelez plans to launch at the end of the project, reports AdAge.

Teenagers Know What's Hot

Josh Miller at the Medium knows that when his 15-year-old sister tells him SnapChat is the next Instagram, she's probably right. Here, he puts together trends in tech and production design culled from a conversation with his teenage sister. For one: Tumblr isn't a blogging platform.

David Karp Explained

Speaking of Tumblr, Forbes has a detailed cover story profiling CEO David Karp -- including a look inside his spartan Williamsburg home and his minimal lifestyle, which has informed so much of the design of Tumblr, and its very reason for existence.

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