Secret Emails Between Jobs and Schmidt; Twitter Gives You 'The Bird' & More

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Eric v. Steve

When you're Steve Jobs or Eric Schmidt, one of your biggest problems is talent poaching. How do you solve it? By threatening each other with patent lawsuits, of course.The Atlantic Wire has a collection of fascinating emails from these tech leaders that show how cutthroat things could really get. The Justice Department banned the practice in 2010.

Twitter's Early Logo

Is that a bird or The Bird? Mashable has some cool pictures of the early designs that were considered for Twitter's original logo. Yes, it included the middle finger, as well as other images of birds. Twitter's design team appears to have posted the illustrations, which look like they were drawn onto bathroom paper towels.

Subtracting in Design

When it comes to product design, Mat Honan at Wired argues that the difficulty lies in simplifying, not in making complex. Take Apple, which started off its products simply, with minimal fuss and clean lines. But as it grew, its products became more difficult -- Newsstand's "bookcase" approach is a clear examples.

Girls Who Code Expands

Girls Who Code, the female-tech program founded by Reshma Saujani, who was on our Creativity 50 last year, is expanding to Detroit, Miami and San Jose, reports TNW. The expansion is thanks to a $435,000 funding grant from the Knight Organization. The organization will launch eight-week summer programs via classes that happen in the GE and eBay offices.

Retailers Embrace Price Changes

Online, you're used to seeing rapid price fluctuations on the product you want to buy, depending on supply and demand. But in a real store? Retailers are experimenting with technologies that will let them change prices hourly, or even minute-by-minute, based on pricing data over the 2012 holiday season, reports AdAge.

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