Send A Burberry-Lipsticked Kiss

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With Burberry Kisses, the fashion brand teamed up with Google (under its Art, Copy and Code project) to let people send an interactive kiss to anyone anywhere in the world.  To send one, users need to pucker up in front of their webcam (ideally using Google Chrome). Using "kiss-detection" technology, the site will detect the outline of their lips, which they can choose to dress up with a Burberry lipstick color. If they are using a touch screen mobile or tablet, you they actually kiss your screen and the lip outline will be taken from there. After that, they can write a short message and send it to someone from their Google+ friends list or via email. The app shows the envelope flying to the recipient's destination across a 3D landscape. The recipient gets an email, from which they can see the same journey, read the message and respond with a kiss of their own.
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