Siri Hates 'Her'; The First 3D Printed Book Cover & More

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Your Face Here

It's time! Google has now officially updated its terms of service, so Wednesday was the day your face and your name might start appearing in ads. The move was announced about a month ago, and will possibly include your profile name, photo and things you do on Google in ads. You can opt out here.

Siri Hates 'Her'

Apple engineers sure do have a sense of humor. Siri has been known to answer questions in hilarious ways, especially when the questions are silly enough. But the Daily Dot has uncovered that Apple's OS reacts especially ascerbically when you mention "Her," the Spike Jonze film that features a Siri-like AI that ends up wishing she were more human.

Mind-Control in Brazil

Is this the most tech-forward World Cup ever? Probably. The sporting event will be launched off with a mind-controlled exoskeleton who will move forward to play the ceremonial first kick of the sporting event in Brazil. The idea is the braindchild of The Walk Again Project, which is going to choose a paralyzed teen to operate the exoskeleton, which will connect to his or her head using wireless electrodes.

CES: Is This For Real?

Which one of these is real: an Internet-connected coffee cup, or a toilet that's also a sink? Those are the kind of hilarious questions on The Wire's CES quiz, which asks you to guess which electronic object is really being previewed at the Las Vegas confab, and which is something they just made up.

Credit: Flickr/SMcGarnigle

Robot Farmers in England

Here's a vision of the near-future: robot farmers, patrolling England's farms, with drones on hand to fly the skies above the U.K.'s fields. Not the next B-grade sci-fi thriller's plot, but a reality that the U.K. government is all for, reports the Guardian. In development now are "farmbots" that will be able to do the tasks that big machinery can't, like taking out weeds, pruning vines around wine grapes, and remotely check crops.

The World's First 3D Printed Book Cover

It's not just ears that are being printed using 3D printing technology, it's also book covers. Makerbot printed the cover of Chang-Rae Lee's "On Such a Full Sea" using a corn bioplastic, which is probably is a great idea, since cover creativity has thus far been limited to smart cut outs, pop ups and graphic design.

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