Skype Asks You to Help Bring a Travel Blogger Home from Turkey for Turkey Day

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Pereira & O'Dell are asking you to help travel blogger Mike Corey get home in time for Thanksgiving as part of "Rerouted," a travel challenge that dropped our protagonist off in Istanbul on Nov. 12, armed only with a Surface Pro 2 and Skype. After landing in Istanbul, Mr. Cory had no idea where he was going next, or how he was going to get home. He was just asked to post clues and comments on @SkypeMoments on Twitter. Users are asked to follow his journey, and help him out with his clues, for a chance to win swag or some Skype vouchers. The idea is to get Mr. Corey from Turkey to turkey (on his Thanksgiving table.) He's not allowed to use Google or solve the clues by himself, say the rules. And he only gets 10 minutes after receiving a clue to post it on Twitter. See films from Mr. Cory's adventure so far here.

Previously, Heineken dropped a bunch of guys in undisclosed locations in a campaign out of Wieden Amsterdam, where they had to prove themselves and become a Heineken "Legend."

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