Skype's Phone Box Experiment

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In an attempt to raise awareness of Skype's cheaper international calls to landlines and mobile phones, The Viral Factory has sent trilingual actor Rob Cavazos, aka Wilderness Man, on a ten day camping trip next to the "most remote phone box in the world," where he'll be taking calls from all over the globe. Visitors to the site can ring him up through Skype (or through any phone service) and watch/hear their conversation live (It works—we tried it.)

Cavazos speaks fluent English, Spanish and French. At press time, he'd gotten calls from 28 countries, including Iraq, Kazakhstan and Jordan. As for where exactly he's located, Cavazos says he's not sure. "I landed in an airport in the south of Spain and beyond that I don't know anything. There is nothing around. We'd been driving through a stretch of nothingness."

The project is the first live-streaming campaign from both Skype and The Viral Factory. It was inspired by The Mojave Phone Booth, a public phone in the middle of the Mojave Desert, sixteen miles from the nearest highway. A huge following of people made pilgrimages to the phone to make a call, or called it randomly, to see if someone would answer.

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