Sneakers Act As Paintbrushes in Nike Installation

Published on .

Nike Canada is letting consumers use sneakers as paintbrushes in an interactive installation at Sport Chek's flagship store in Toronto's Eaton Centre.

The installation, created by design and visual effects studio Mirada together with Blast Radius Toronto, centers around two unique Nike sneakers designed by artists James Jean and David Choe. It allows shoppers to manipulate original artwork by Jean and Choe on an interactive 108 x 96 inch wall to create their own designs, accompanied by music from DJ Cut Chemist. By moving and tilting a sneaker in various directions, shoppers can unlock different features allowing them to manipulate both the art and the audio.

Mirada's artists, led by creative drector Kevin Lau, obtained both original and existing artwork from the artists, and separated out each piece into its various layers using Photoshop. Then artists animated each individual layer.

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