Sony Playstation Launches 'Greatness Exchange' Auction Platform for Game-related Gear

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Over the summer, BBH New York released its first work for Sony Playstation 4, "Greatness Awaits," a 90-second spot calling on gamers to become bigger, better and more powerful. Shortly after, it extended the reach of the effort with an online push, "Bid for Greatness," which allowed players to bid on props and good featured in the blockbuster ad. Now, Sony and BBH are extending that idea into a full-blown digital auction house, the Greatness Exchange, where PS fans will be able to bid on more PlayStation game memorabilia from titles sucha as Killzone Shadow Fall and The Elder Scrolls, as well as concept art from the recent "Perfect Day" spot and two game-related excursions, including four days in Amsterdam for the "Killzone Induction Experience" and the "Uber Elder Scrolls Experience," which include roundtrip airfare and access to bring-your-own-computer gaming event QuakeCon 2014.

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