Old Spice: Newton vs. The Horde

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Today, Microsoft announced the winner of the Old Spice Challenge, launched late last year as part of the brand's Dream.Build.Play indie game competition. The contest asked indie developers using Microsoft's XNA Game Studio to create a game that got guys excited about four new Old Spice scents and sent them on an "underarm adventure" to "where freshness smells from": Matterhorn, Fiji Denali and Cyprus.

Earlier this year, five finalists were announced: the classic arcade style first person shooter House of Spice, game of chance and skill The Fresh Card Game, racing game Old Spice Racers, throwback space shooter Old Space and puzzle game Newton vs. The Horde, shown here, which emerged as the final winner.

On April 9, gamers could trial the finalists on Xbox live, choose their favorite and get a chance to win $25,000 just for casting a vote. All proceeds from the games themselves go directly to the game creators, but the winning game with the best Old Spice branding received $60,000.

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