Steve Wozniak's iAndroid; How Sochi is Making it Snow

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At the Apps World North America conference, Apple-cofounder Steve Wozniak spoke to Wired. Among the many topics touched on, none is perhaps more likely to get Apple fanboys screaming in terror: the idea that Apple should release an Android phone. Wozniak, who is not involved in the day-to-day workings of the company, said that Apple could compete very well in the Android market, and bring its own design minded aesthetic to that OS.

NBC Sochi Winter Olympics
NBC Sochi Winter Olympics

How Sochi is Making it Snow

Not much has gone right in Sochi so far. But one thing has: the weather. The Russian city reached a high of 50 degrees today, but is still managing to make it snow for the Winter Games, one promise they are determined to keep even as manholes remain uncovered and journalists seek hotels that have a lobby. Gizmodo has the details.

Is the NYPD Testing Google Glass?

Now this would be a coup. VentureBeat reports that the NYPD's intelligence and analytics unit is looking to see whether Google Glass would be a tool to help them investigate and find terrorists. The department reportedly recently got its hands on a few pairs. The news is doubly interesting when you consider the fire Google is under given its relationship with data-gathering by spy agencies in the U.S.

Yves Behar and Design

Yves Behar, the man who has proven that good design can go hand in hand with good engineering, talks to Kara Swisher and Vanity Fair in a wide-ranging interview about his inspirations and design philosophy. There are also some great sketches showing the beginnings of Jawbone, the Herman Miller Sayle Chair and mini Jambox.

The Secrets of Secret

You could argue that Facebook is the one service that established public identity on the Web. Because before that, as Buzzfeed points out, anonymity was the default. But as with most things, what is old is new again in the world of online confessions. Enter Secret, a new confession app that lets your friends see a feed of confessions that could be from anyone on their friends list. But what does its popularity tell us about internet behavior?


The Gaming 'Booker Prize'

The Guardian calls GameCity the "Booker Prize" for Gaming. This year, the winner is SpaceTeam, a "co-operative shouting" smartphone game, which beat out stalwarts like FIFA 14 and XCOM. The interesting thing about GameCity is that it asks to be judges people who aren't necessarily gamers, who therefore see "fun" a different way. The publication interviews the non-gaming gaming judges.

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