Make a Good-Times Montage of Your Life, Courtesy of Stoli

Published on .

Wedding videos, vacation albums and bachelor parties may never be the same again. RECAPP, a new app developed by agency Rokkan for vodka brand Stoli, helps users remember these events by creating a stylish video compilation of an event using everyone's social media updates, bringing a modern-day update to the good-times montage.

Users create an event, and the basic idea is that the app syncs with one or all of their social feeds to post updates on Twitter, check ins on Facebook, videos created with Vine and pictures with Instagram. By making the event private and inviting a group, it adds your friends' social content to a (now collaborative) event reel. All posts during the event will be captured to create a customizable video to share.

The app, available for iOS and Android, is set to launch later this week.

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