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It's too extreme an undertaking to assemble all the SXSW-related apps and how-tos and the hippy and the hoppy and hoopy. And, to be honest, a lot of it is just sort of annoying (it's a conference people, and we're all adults. If you don't know some of this stuff by now maybe you should stay on desk duty).

Anyhoo, herewith, some SXSW stuff you might find handy:

Panel preparation
VCU's creative tech masterminds whipped up this here little number to help you wrangle that ornery panel schedule. Panelizr

Say it proud - Holler Gram it!
Made By Many's Holler Gram, which allows SXSW attendees to make their feelings known.

Newbies' guide to not getting fired
The Barbarian Group's guide for its own first time attendees (also handy for non Barbarians).

But more importantly, where's the pork?
Eater's essential guide to food-focused SXSW events.

And yet more pork
JWT is putting its money where the meat is, bringing BBQ to the SXSW masses with a Salt Lick truck. Check the agency's BBQ site and follow @jwtbbq on Twitter for up to the minute bbq info and to get the truck rolling in your direction

Austin Vice
As a special SXSW social media treat, R/GA whipped up Social Media Hell, a mobile site that's "part game, part data viz experiment," allowing conference goers to delve into the (not really) dark side of SXSW.
Users can unlock seven deadly sin-themed levels of social media hell: "Lust: what/whom people are loving at SXSW; Debauchery: check-ins at Austin bars; Gluttony: check-ins at Austin BBQ and Tex-Mex joints; Greed: the most aggressive overtweeters; Wrath: what/whom people are hating at SXSW; Idolatry: who's being tweeted about most at SXSW; and Vanity: who's "tweeting too hard" about themselves; i.e., naked self-aggrandizement."

Essential SXSW
Ben Malbon wraps it all up with one piece of advice that maybe the most useful of all.
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