SXSW roundup: Eight startups, overbranding, Groupon, mobile tags and more

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AdAge Digital has been at SXSW this week - and here's their take.

Eight SXSW Start-ups that Ad Age can Love From Bump to Chomp, Beluga to Wantlet, the New Apps That Have Promise Beyond Austin

The Over-Branding of SXSW: How Much Is Too Much? At what point do the brands hoping to associate with SXSW kill it off?

Finally, a Truly Useful New App At SXSW: Hashable The perfect app for those that like to network - leave your business cards behind.

Groupon Envy Clutches SXSW The biggest ideas in Austin are all about Groupon and local deals.

Putting a Tag on Everything That Moves at SXSW Mobile tags and QR codes are everywhere in Austin.
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