Tech Makes It Easier to Cheat; Designing a Fashionable Space Suit & More

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Who is to Blame

This Valentine's Day, as every news outlet ponders the question of whether technology has killed romance, Wired takes a decidedly non-romantic tack, asking whether the proliferation of smartphones and "always-on" mentality has in fact made it easier to cheat on your loved-ones.

How to Use Vine

Over at AdAge, Beachfront Media CEO Frank Sinton tells you how brands could use Vine, Twitter's new app that lets you add six-second videos to your tweets. But how can it be monetized? A pre-roll isn't an option. But what brands could realize is that the six-seconds Vine gives you ARE the ad -- just like the 140-characters afforded by Twitter. Looking for inspiration? Check out these incredible LEGO vines.

Fashion for Space

The Atlantic invites you to step away from Fashion Week and think about a different type of fashion -- that which can be worn in space. Nik Moiseev, a Russian engineer, and Ted Southern, an American artist, are two completely different people that are working together to improve spacesuits, to make them more comfortable, easier to use, and maybe better to look at.

The Reality of 3D Printing

Following President Obama's State of the Union speech, the heavy emphasis he put on manufacturing made 3D printing stocks go through the roof. However, a look at the challenges faced by this nascent industry indicates that we're not quite at the point of "the next industrial revolution" quite yet. The Economist offers a great look at the legal and ethical challenges posed by the technology, starting with the manufacture of gun parts.

The Future Will be Packaging-Free

Wired profiles designer Aaron Mickelson, who argues that to solve the problem of too much packaging, you might consider eliminating it entirely. His master's thesis at Pratt University is titled "The Disappearing Package," and proposes a potentially controversial way to decrease the amount of waste we generate -- by creating packages that disappear.

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