Telstra: Legacy Songs Badge

Published on .

Telstra and Droga5 Sydney want to connect young Australians with what once may have been considered a fogey charity by modernizing its old school donation emblem. The Legacy Charity, which raises funds and awareness for fallen servicemen and women during Australia's Legacy Week, generally sells simple badges to raise money. But this year, those buttons come equipped with headphones and a playlist.

Droga5 turned the badges into Mp3 players, filled with songs dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives in service for their country. The charity collaborated with eight different labels and recording groups and the artists themselves and have put thousands of song "badges" on sale.

The badge sells for $15 with all proceeds going to Legacy. A virtual badge featuring tracks from Telstra's own online music store BigPond music can also be downloaded for $10. The video below provides more background on the effort.

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