The Ten Most Interesting Tweets of the Moment, All in One Place

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Too busy to keep up, even on Twitter? The Latest is the latest invention from Farfar/Blast Radius alumni Per Stenius (formerly known as Per Hansson, he took his wife's last name after getting married) and Oskar Sundberg, along with B-Reeler Bjarne Melin, will keep you up to date on the most interesting happenings on the platform, from whom the creators dub to be the 1000 most interesting people on Twitter. The site collects all their links and updates in real time the ten most popular links among those.

No time to go to the site? Follow @latest_is and you can see those uber-popular Tweets there as well.

Mr. Stenius, who's currently head of digital at McCann Stockholm, and Mr. Sundberg operate a side gig called "Kinda Like a Big Deal," and are known for their useful digital inventions, like Is It Old, a useful tool to help you determine whether what you're about to share is fresh, or stale.

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