Tim Cook Tells All; The Internet of Things is Here & More

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Tim Cook on Scott Forstall (And Everything Else)

Businessweek released the details of its wide-ranging interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook, in which he talks about the company's plans to manufacture iMacs in the United States, as well as deals with the issue of Scott Forstall, the mobile software head largely responsible for the Apple Maps fiasco who was let go recently.

Hacking the Food Network

Last week, Ad Age brought together six tech startups to pitch Food Network on creative partnerships during a live event in lower Manhattan, our fourth "Brand Hack" designed to bridge the gap between marketers, media and startups. Here's what happened.

The Internet of Things is Here

We've long talked about the 'Internet of Things,' where ordinary electronic devices would be able to talk to each other as well as to humans -- closets that sense when you're running low on clothes and tell the washing machine to start, for example. Wired's Clive Thompson argues that that crazy future is not too far away.

A Makeover for the iPhone Lockscreen

The iPhone lockscreen is one of the major reasons for Brent Caswell's dissatisfaction with the device. But, he's got a solution -- many of them, in fact. Here are his suggestions for making the first thing you see when you start up your iPhone flashier, more engaging and more useful.

3D Printing and Guns

While 3D Printing, in theory, seems like a cool, revolutionary new development, it also results in new, hitherto un-thought of problems, like the ability to make your own gun, at home. Wiki Weapons, an effort to create a 3D printed gun, has tested a prototype, which lets you download a design, print and fire a weapon without needing to register with anyone. While it sounds like a distressing idea, John Biggs at TechCrunch argues that it's not really an issue at all.

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