Toyota Prius: Hybrid Roller Coaster

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As part of Toyota's Ideas for Good campaign, Deeplocal disassembled a Toyota Prius and used its parts to create a roller coaster car. The company's developers and technologists used the experiment to determine whether the car's Hybrid Synergy Drive system could be used to generate extra electricity elsewhere—in the case of the coaster, to power other energy consumers at an amusement park.

From the experiment, Deep Local determined that the Prius parts coaster car could generate as much as 6,000 watts of power from a single drop. That amount of energy was enough to light up a display that used energy equivalent to that used by high power consumption amusement park signage. The lights in the demo here, however, are powered by an outside source and only illustrate the amount of energy created by the car.

Read more about the Toyota Prius Rollercoaster here.

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