Trendwatch: Making Flying Fun, Kind Of

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Over the last few months, we've received many creative submissions for airline clients that try to make the flying experience somewhat fun and bearable. While budget cutbacks and the rising cost of fuel means nothing can really make up for charging passengers for that measly ham-and-cheese sandwich and a piece of luggage, these nifty little apps, promos and sites add a little something to your next flight.

Scandinavian Airlines: Couple Up to Buckle Up
This one makes discount flying fun. Crispin Porter + Bogusky came up with this clever way to promote a recent Scandinavian Airlines promotion with this campaign that required couples to engage a pair of QR codes in tandem, in order to reap a very nice benefit. When couples simultaneously scanned the codes, they were treated to a special video and code that would reveal how they could get access to a 2 for 1 price on tickets.

Delta Airlines: Track Your Luggage
In 2010, Delta leapt into social by announcing that tickets could now be booked and purchased through its Facebook page, the idea being that you could share your itineraries with friends, leading to more customers for the airline. More recently, the airline unveiled a luggage tracking app developed by AKQA that will let iPhones scan the barcode on a luggage tag and then track its whereabouts. Wieden + Kennedy delivered a nifty video showing where baggage really goes by strapping six cameras on a suitcase.

KLM: Seatmates
What's worse than that aforementioned 10-dollar sandwich? Sitting next to a malodorous passenger who refuses to share his armrest with you. While the Seatmates app from KLM doesn't necessarily account for looks and smells, it certainly tries to liven up the dull long-haul flight by letting you pick whom you sit next to -- based on Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. When you check in online, you can view other people's profiles and select your seat accordingly. Making your profile publicly available will be optional. The service pilots early this year.

KLM: Passport App
While flights today will probably signal the death knell for that old adage, "It's the journey that counts," another effort from KLM asks you to celebrate your trip and the destination through a social app, Passport, created by Dutch agency IceMobile. You pick a theme, photos and videos, to create a little movie about your holiday you can share. A virtual passport lets you pick up stamps based on how many movies you make

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