Turn Your Social Media Profile into a Robot

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BBH Labs turns you -- or the "you" that is present on social media -- into a "robot," in its latest experiment that gets you to do a little self-reflection, just in time for the holidays. At Robotify.Me, you can connect your Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare accounts, and the site creates a little robot, whose appearance tells you things about your social media habits and activity. There are 2.2 billion possibilities in terms of its appearance, so a cog here or a wrench there can change its entire meaning. Above, you can see Creativity's robot, based on our Twitter account.

Via the experiment, the agency is hoping to find out more about peoples' online behavior, and see if they are willing to return to the site over time to see how their habits change -- or whether they change them in response to the robot. It's a much more entertaining and human way to read up about your social habits. The robot updates itself every week, or you can go back and generate a new one, any time you want. The agency is also looking into 3D papercuts or 3D printed, personalized Robotoys.

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