The Must-Watch Film of the Social Media Age, How 3D Printing Can Make You Superhuman & More

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3D Printing Can Give You Superpowers

Wired profiles Michael Alpine, a Princeton professor who is making serious waves in the field of organ design -- so much so, that his goal, in his own words is to create a whole new breed of superhumans. One of his projects is an ear that enables excellent hearing, to the point that it could let our brains "talk" to each other.

A Story on a Screen

Since "Noah," a short online film by a couple of student directors, screened at the Toronto International Film Festival recently, it's been blowing up online. With good reason. While the story itself is a straightforward one, about a young man with girlfriend troubles, the technique in which it's told is more unique, shot entirely on a computer screen and briefly on an iPhone screen, playing out the drama via Facebook, porn windows, Skype, and of course, Chatroulette. It's like a Gen Y's interpretation of what "life on the Internet" looks like, but still worth the 17-minute watch.

What Happened to Street Fighter's Heros?

Montreal artist Novamesh Arman Akopian (GUYJIN on DeviantArt) takes a look at what happened to the cast of Street Fighter so many years after the Capcom game's martial arts tournament. Beautifully drawn, the illustrations aren't for the optimistic among you. Guile has gone deaf, Blanka is an alcohol, and Chun-Li is... still awesome.

Inside Netflix

Why is "Prison Break" on Netflix? Because it's a popular show that people commit crimes to watch. No, really. According to the Telegraph, Netflix checks the popularity of shows on illegal file-sharing sites to see if they are being pirated when deciding whether they should buy broadcast rights to the show. They can then upsell that by offering those shows, in better quality.

A New Kind of Phone

Every day, electronic devices are thrown out. Not because there's anything really wrong with them as as a whole, but because a part of them, from the mother board to the wifi chip to something else has broken. The rest of the device works, causing unnecessary waste when it's tossed. Enter PhoneBloks, a new type of phone made up of "blocks" that can be upgraded when needed. Fund this fine Thunderclap project here.

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