The Twitter Adventure of Peter Molyneux; Google's Security Problems & More

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The Doppelganger Who Resurrected Peter Molyneux

Wired tells the story of noted video game developer Peter Molyneux, who, in late 2011, found his career trajectory on a nosedive. But then a satirical Twitter feed, penned by someone who seemed to understand everything about Molyneux, changed his life.

Grand Canyon, Google Style

The Google Maps team, outfitted with the Trekker, a wearable backpack with a camera, has been trekking the Grand Canyon, to collect imagery and photos from a place no car or bus has ever been before. A mini-vacation over lunch, perhaps?

How a Mathematician Uncovered Google's Biggest Security Flaw

As Wired reports, when Zachary Harris got an email from what appeared to be a recruiter at Google offering him a job, he got suspicious. A weak cryptographic key led to Harris sending an email to Google co-founder Larry Page, which resulted in the unveiling of one of the biggest Internet security holes ever.

A Song for Every Reaction

BuzzFeed's partnership with streaming music service Rdio creates a couple of innovative new features for the site. For one, you can react to stories with a song -- instead of an "OMG." And second, BuzzFeed plans to use its music channel vertical, as well as its homepage, as a music discovery destination where users can listen to new tracks using Rdio.

It's Here!

AllThingsD has first clips from Bravo's "Start-Ups," the reality-TV show about Silicon Valley startups that has an extraordinarily amount of good-looking people in it. Sample sentence: "We've developed a scale, that we can give away for free. To millions of people. For less than two dollars."

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