Twitter's Potential Female Leaders, Jeff Bezos' Famous Temper Tantrums and Bill Nye's Jupiter Mission

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NY Times to Twitter: Here Are the Women

As Twitter gets ready to go public, everyone is keeping a close eye on its leadership, namely its lack of females at the executive level. Claire Cain Miller pointedly shows Twitter that it's not so hard to find a few women for the board -- despite what Twitter execs say -- by giving them a list of 25 nominees -- including Cindy Gallop, Shelly Lazarus and Indra Nooyi.

Speaking of Women and Diversity...

IBM is way, way ahead of all of us -- by almost three decades. The Atlantic unearths an old ad for the computing giant from 1985 that positions a pair of blue baby booties and pink baby booties next to each other, asking the question about why we don't encourage women to excel in STEM. "In the past ten years, IBM has supported more than 90 programs designed to strengthen women's skills in these and other areas," it reads. "Because we all have a lot to gain with men and women on equal footing." As The Atlantic's Megan Garber writes: "1985 called. It wants its cause back."

Feel a Touchscreen

The R&D department at Disney continues to make us gape. A new technology developed by the researchers at that company lets you "feel" actual textures on a touchscreen display. For example, as Gizmodo says, imagine typing on a touchscreen keyboard but actually feeling every key. How do they do it? By using electrovibration to recreate the sensation of your fingertips being pulled and stretched. But we like to think of it as magic. And there's more: The Verge reports that the guy behind the tactice touchscreens is also working on tech that can make a plant sing.

Amazing Amazon

Brad Stone's new book about Amazon details the amazing journey of Jeff Bezos and his "everything" empire. In a Bloomberg Businessweek cover story, he shares some of that story, with anecdotes gathered from Bezos' friends and family. It's an engrossing read, and starts with an account of one of Bezos' famous temper tantrums -- this time, about a marketing email that shilled lubricants to those who might have been browsing that section on Needless to say, Bezos wasn't pleased.

Bill Nye, the Web Series Guy?

We have your weekend programming planned out for you. Bill Nye (The Science Guy and mediocre dancer) gets together with NASA for a YouTube series called 'Why With Nye," where he will talk about the Jupiter Juno mission -- a spacecraft on its way to Jupiter. The probe is starting its journey this month, planning to use Earth's gravity as a "slingshot" to propel it towards its gassy destination planet.

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