Twitter, The TV Show; How WiFi Routers Kill House Plants & More

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Twitter: Now On Your TV

Lionsgate, the studio behind the "Hunger Games" movies, has officially acquired the rights for NYT writer Nick Bilton's book, "Hatching Twitter: A True Story of Money, Power, Friendship and Betrayal." The book -- whose title closely resembles a soap opera -- goes behind the scenes of Twitter the company, and expects to be a longer-view version of the story of one of Silicon Valley's biggest successes. Exec. Producer Allison Shearmur said in a statement that "'The Social Network' was a perfect film, and this series will be different."

Credit: 9b Hjallerup School

Do WiFi Signals Kill Plants?

Many of us in middle and high school worked on science fair projects about the effects of various phenomena, including voice, on plant growth. But those projects rarely, if ever, captured worldwide interest. Not so for a group of Danish ninth-graders who monitored the growth of plants near WiFi routers, and found that proximity to those signals killed seeds and plants. Imagine the effct they're having on your brain.

Can You Fart in Space?

Slate does the Slate thing and decides to go all scientific on the question of bodily functions and space. The inspiration? A spec ad for a beans brand that happens to be set on the moon -- with the implication that if you happen to be an astronaut trying to run away from a space monster, don't eat beans and let farts give away your secret hiding place. A paper in 1969 actually studied the fart-output of astronauts, because apparently "space gas" is an actual issue.

A Gift Guide for Design Nerds

Gizmodo/Gawker's ongoing crowdsourced gift guide pieces now turn the focus on design nerds -- and gifts for those people don't necessarily have to be expensive pieces of furniture or technology. So far, ideas include a "magnetic project mat," a portable scanner and a cork-bottle USB drive.

Nintendo, Now on iOS?

Nintendo CEO Reggie Fils-Aime mentioned in an interview recently a little tidbit that is sure to get Apple owners very excited. He mentioned that the company is thinking about "little experiences" that would live on Apple's iOS platform. He was talking to a Seattle news station, and GigaOm points out that while you probably won't see a Mario title on iOS any time soon, the decision would be a lucrative one for Nintendo.

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