UNICEF Challenges You to Drink Your Own Sweat

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It's hard to communicate how difficult life is when you don't have access to clean, safe drinking water. UNICEF Sweden does a masterful job not only showing that difficulty, but also finding a solution, with "The Sweat Machine," a contraption to extracts sweat, purifies it, and then turns into a kind of water.

The machine was developed by engineer Andreas Hammar, and uses a technology known as HVR Water Purification AB, which was developed in Sweden with The Royal Institute of Technology. Mr. Hammar said that the water produced is cleaner than regular Swedish water.

During European youth soccer tournament the Gothia Cup, played in Sweden this week, soccer players Tobias Hysen and Mohammed Ali Khan were the first to try drinking the glass of sweat. The installation will ask other attendees to also try, and will encourage people attending the cup to hand in their sweaty clothes and have them turned into clean water.

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