Vamos: Vamos Social Event Discovery App

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Your friends do the driving with Vamos, a newly out-of-beta discovery app created by a group of advertising alums from McCann, AKQA, B-Reel and Verigy. For those looking for a fun night out, the app trolls around for local events and activities around you--but also lets you know which one of those good times your friends will be attending.

Sure, there are other discovery apps out there, but this one takes advantage of--and was inspired by the "social layer" and the idea of open APIs, says Vamos Chief Growth Officer David Prentell. "Instead of having some smart-ass curating event in every city of the world, we let people's friends do the curation job for them. By highlighting your friends who are joining on Facebook, we can assume an event is probably more relevant than another." To give interested parties a sneak peak, the app also integrates Instagram pictures from the event's location.

The idea for the app was born during a full-day hackathon in Berlin, attended by 30 friends from all over North Europe who worked at startups or creatives in digital advertising. Fitting with the app's philosophy, much of the development process happened in the hands of those friends: "We started by putting a first beta-version in the palms of these 30, letting them have a go at it and come back to us with feedback and ideas," says Prentell. "It started off as a massive creative brainstorm with lots of input, with everything from the name, bug fixes to the features being co-created." The logo also happened to be designed by Linda Gavin, the woman behind Twitter's marque. After 27 iterations and six months of work, the Vamos team recently launched the app for free worldwide in the Apple Store.

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