The Village: Death Revealer

Published on .

Few people actually see the bodies and damage caused by traffic accidents, so Moscow magazine The Village, along with Leo Burnett Moscow created an augmented reality app with GPS and Google Maps that lets you see where exactly traffic accidents have occurred.

When the accident is clicked on, full details can be found, along with images of dead or injured bodies and the damage caused. The app is quite morbid, but the client and agency hope the shock is enough to convince citizens to be more mindful in dangerous areas. To launch the app, which is available on iTunes, the agency also launched an ambient program with classic chalk-drawn body silhouettes on streets with QR codes alongside.

One interesting feature: If you attempt to use the app while driving, it prompts you to cease and desist, and turns off. The app wants to show Russian residents that even in a place that seems safe, danger is always present.

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