Vincent LaForet: Visuals iApp

Published on .

Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer/director Vincent LaForet just released Visuals, his new app for the iPad/iTouch/iPhone that gives you a peek into his creative process. Visuals showcases some of LaForet's favorite photographs from his time as a staff reporter at The New York Times, along with his video commentary about his creation process of each and even the technical settings and tools that went into capturing the images. The app also links to where equipment used to shoot the photos can be purchased.

Visuals, with LaForet's NYTimes favorites is available for free on iTunes, with other collections and fine art prints available for purchase.

According to LaForet on his blog, "The impetus behind this app was not to have it serve as a self promotional tool, but instead to establish a direct connection with the photography audience and fans of my photography. I believe that as we look forward, photographers are going to be sustaining their careers and body of work by connecting directly with their audiences and fans of their work - as opposed to the more traditional delivery platforms such as publications."

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