Visit Sweden: Curators of Sweden

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VisitSweden, the Swedish Tourist Board, has turned its official Twitter account over to the general public in an experiment aimed at creating 'the world's most democratic Twitter account'.

Each week a different Swedish citizen has been chosen to take charge of the @Sweden Twitter account and use it to tweet about whatever they like. The project, Curators of Sweden, was conceived by agency Volontaire and is designed to give a diverse portrayal of the Swedish national character, the idea being that no single voice can represent it.

Of course, the ultimate aim is to promote Sweden abroad and pique people's interest in the country. To this end, the people picked to take over the feed are a diverse mix. The first curator, 22-year old writer Jack Werner, spent the week introducing the world to Swedish Christmas traditions while cursing, posting outrageous pictures and refusing to have Justin Bieber perform in his country. Also lined up to take over the feed are a teacher, a priest and a lesbian trucker.

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