Woz Cries Over 'Big Bang Theory'; Space-Texting Runs into Financial Issues & More

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Analysts Bullish on 3D Printing

3D printing isn't exactly a new thing for those of us in the marketing and tech worlds, but Wall Street is finally starting to sit up and take notice. Citibank analyst Kenneth Wong released a research note saying that the market for the technology will triple by 2018, and that the companies to watch are Stratasys and 3D Systems. In 2011, the industry was worth a miniscule $1.7 billion -- half of which was the market for printed parts.

Every Tech Ad Ever

Someone holding a baguette is an absolute must in every tech ad. You know it's true, and now, College Humor makes it even more obvious in a funny parody film that makes fun of technology comemrcials, whether they're for phones, cameras, new browsers or even business card printing. (Looking at you, Vistaprint.) Check it out on Mashable.

When to Wear Glass

Gizmodo writer Brent Rose points out that everyone who has ever written about the experience of wearing Google Glass has done it because they had to. But what happens when you want to wear it--like, for fun? It's not that different an experience, but Rose lays out neatly the situations in which the futuristic eyewear is actually useful -- and no, not when eating out at a BBQ restaurant. Meanwhile, Romenesko points out that before Google Glass, there was Thad Starner's "wearable computer" -- back in 1997.

Texting to Space

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Lone Signal, a New York startup trying to help people send messages into deep space, has run into a small problem: it can't pay its electricity bill. The company is now considering launching a Kickstarter campaign after it broadcasts its final message on Thursday. Since June, it has sent over 7,000 message, the farthest going 1.1 trillion miles. No alien life has responded yet.

Steve Wozniak Cries When Watching 'The Big Bang Theory'

Yes, you read that right. The Apple co-founder sheds tears when watching the geeky CBS sitcom, and not tears of laughter and/or pity either. Vanity Fair reports that he is moved by how socially awkward the characters are, and he empathizes with their romantic problems. So do you think Wozniak is Sheldon or Leonard?

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