Waterproofing Product NeverWet Blows Our Minds with Product Demo

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Waterproofers, your time has come. NeverWet, a spray-on coating that makes everything -- from t-shirts to iPhones -- liquid-proof, is hitting the big time, thanks to a licensing agreement with Rust-Oleum that is putting the spray on HomeDepot shelves.

The product, which was initially intended for use in industrial projects, was first introduced about two years ago, with no consumer version available at the time. But the agreement is changing all that.

The product reminds us of Design of the Year contender LiquiGlide, a coating that ensured ketchup would never get stuck in the bottle again. However, there are also questions about its side effects and what happens if you spray it on your t-shirt -- can you ever wash it off?

But there's also a possibility marketers -- especially household goods companies -- might want to cotton on. After all, who wouldn't love a waterproof toilet brush?

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