Wieden Amsterdam Designs Coca Cola Music's Visual Identity, Again and Again

Published on .

If there's one thing to be said about Coca-Cola's logo, it's that it evolves, but always retains its essence. Wieden + Kennedy Amsterdam kept that in mind when tasked with designing Coca-Cola Music's new identity. Rather than create a single logo, that may eventually become stale or come up with something entirely new that may not sit well with longtime Coke lovers, the agency created the "Dynamic Logo Creator."

Those who remember the Windows Media Player visualizations that reacted to the music being played will see that this is a similar concept in that the design - in this case, the space around the cola bottle - is dynamic, but it can additionally be customized with different colors and backgrounds. Regardless of how it is presented (i.e. on packaging, outdoor, in print, etc), the logo continually captures the energy of the specific event it is associated with, all the while maintaining the beverage company's signature look.

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