Wired: Wired iPad App

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Wired launched its iPad app today, created with Adobe but converted from Flash to the Apple-approved Objective-C language. The app costs $4.99 per issue and features plenty of interactive bells and whistles. 41 of this month's articles featuring some form of interactivity, including animated 360-degree imagery, slideshows and exclusive editorial video.

This issue also features interactive content from premium advertisers. HBO, for example, presents a slideshow recap of True Blood season 2. GE features a rotatable 360-degree image from the world's first CT scanner in HD, and Olympus showcases features of the new PEN E-PL1 in a slideshow.

According to Wired editor-in-chief Chris Anderson on the Wired site, the app building process was a yearlong effort. The magazine used a new Adobe digital publishing technology that allows the Wired team to simultaneously create both the mag's print version and iPad version with the same set of authoring and design tools.

Read more about the Wired iPad app on Adage.com.

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