Why You Shouldn't Work at Apple; Touchscreen Subway Maps

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You Don't Want to Work at Apple

No, really, it doesn't sound that great, not according to Jordan Price who writes in Medium that he was offered a contract position as a mobile app designer at the company. Turned out, it was the worst job of his life, with unfriendly bosses and colleagues, inflexible working hours, and so many meetings that he could never actually work.

Touch-Screen Subway Maps in NYC

The MTA and Control Group have finally unveiled touchscreen subway maps, which were promised to us about the year ago. The maps, which are funded by Control Group, are presently located at Grand Central's 4/5/6 lines and in the lobbies above the subway. Gizmodo gives us the lowdown on the intense user testing and design considerations that go into the making of these awesome wayfinding devices.

HBO's "Silicon Valley"

After "Girls," "Looking," and "True Detective," HBO is turning its sites on the world of Silicon Valley, via a new series set to premiere in April. Kottke has the trailer, and it looks good, but remember the last time someone tried to do something like this?

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Boo, NBC

If you're watching the Olympics in the U.S., you're too late -- NBC's tape delays mean you're seeing action that already happened a few hours later. So how do you avoid spoilers? The Times has a nice list of apps that are designed to spare you.

Sam Cox: Bit Tag
Sam Cox: Bit Tag

This is Your Brain on Bitcoin

We recently featured BitTag, a concept price tag that shows you how much an item costs in Bitcoin, in real time. But if you pay in Bitcoin, are you fueling crime? Businessweek says yes. U.S. law enforcement officials are increasingly concerned that Bitcoin is now the official currency of criminals, used for money laundering, and buying drugs.

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