The World Votes on What to Build -- and Destroy -- for New SimCity Campaign

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You are the hand of God in Electronic Arts' campaign to launch the new SimCity game. DraftFCB San Francisco presents, "Let's All Be Mayor," a real-time website that uses public voting to make important decisions -- such as which buildings an impending meteor should destroy -- and thus to create a new SimCity. Developers "build" the city in real-time (and you can watch via livestream), in response to the voting patterns, and the result will be a collection of different cities that might tell you more than you wish to know about what we can create -- or demolish -- as a collective.

The campaign reflects the real goings on of the new SimCity, which releases March 5. The new version of the urban development game lets you not only create--but also tear down-- your whole city. As creative director Ocean Quigley told Vox Games last year, you can burn down sections of your town and watch the burning sims come out of buildings -- you can even let them starve and die.

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