The Worst Year for Technology; Bitcoin Santas & More

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The Year in Tech

It wasn't a good year for tech, at least according to the Atlantic's review of the year and all it brought. It was a year where financial engineering and M&A, not innovation, ruled the roost. Not a single "breakthrough" product was introduced in 2013 either. Perhaps what's most interesting is the reasons why The Atlantic says Google Glass was a dud, not a marvel: bad design, horrendous invasion of privacy and a backlash that came as soon as the device was introduced.

Teens Bitching About Teens

You've got nothing to do today, so spend some time with Gizmodo's hilarious list of tweets from teenagers sounding off about other teenagers who are like, so, totally, like ungrateful about their tech presents this year.

They Know What You Read

The New York Times reports that there are a plethora of new services that help e-readers track readers -- what pages they skip, where their eyes linger (the sex scenes?) and how fast they read. Start ups like Entitle and Scribd are just now beginning to analyze consumer data -- something that publishers say will be a boon to self-published authors.

Bitcoin to Do Good

Wired reports on "Bitcoin Santas," a group of do-gooders that bestow bitcoins, the digital currency, on people who need it. Last year, the founder of Avalon, a company that builds Bitcoin mining computers that run the open source system that manages the currency, got a gift from them -- 10,000 bitcoins, with no other demands.

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