Everything You Need to Know About the New Xbox; Inside Google X & More

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The Xbox One is Here

The Verge rounds up absolutely everything you need to know about Microsoft's next-gen console, details of which were released earlier this week. Already being touted as a Gamestop-killer, the console features live TV support, a new Kinect, new games and so much more. 



Pondering on the 'Glassholes'

Ian Bogost has an insightful essay in The Atlantic about Google's wearable computing device, that has led people to shun it before it even officially launches. For some reason, he says, wearing Glass signifies to the world that you are too good for it, and so need a virtual world to escape to -- creating a mass of human zombies that will zone out whenever they want. 



Inside Google's 'Secret Lab'

Bloomberg Businessweek takes an in-depth look inide "Google X," the cryptically named lab that is specially reserved for unique scientific bets that will probably rarely pay off -- and cost a ton to even explore. From the self-driving car to Google Glass, the lab is responsible for some of the company's more outlandish research projects. 


Twitter Cozies Up to TV

At an Internet Week New York event today, Twitter announced a new series of media deals, as well as technology that will let it target Twitter ads at television viewers. The site will use its acquisition of Bluefin Labs to match conversations happening on Twitter to target ads at people who have watched a certain TV show -- and the ads that went along with it. 



Doctors 3D Printed an Airway Tube

...And saved a kid's life. Techcrunch reports that doctors at the C.S. Mot Children's Hospital managed to print 100 tubes, laser-stitch them over the trachea, and thus repair a little infant's faulty windpipe, something that was about to kill him. The procedure required emergency clearance from the FDA. 

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