XXXX Gold: XXXX Island

Published on .

Never mind a creche for men (as created by Ikea) - how about an island? Aussie beer brand XXX Gold has actually acquired one: a 15 acre island on the Southern Great Barrier Reef designed to be a 'getaway for mates'. There's nothing on it, but the idea is that men get to decide what goes on the island, which officially opens in October, by visiting the island website. There, they can vote on what activities the island should offer and what should be built (bearing in mind the island's ethos that it should be 'less Club Med, and more Club Shed'). By submitting ideas, they can win a trip to the island for themselves and three 'mates', worth $10,000. They can also win a trip via on-pack promotions and other competitions.

Various Australian sports and media personalities will act as 'ambassadors' for the XXXX island as part of the campaign. The agencies involved include BMF, digital agency Holler and Octagon on the experiential side.

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