Yasuyuki Okamura: Teaser

Published on .

Japanese digital star Yugo Nakamura and his team at tha ltd. just launched this new teaser site and video for musician/dancer Yasuyuki Okamura, to promote the artist's double release "Etiquette," sold as two separate "Pink" and "Purple" albums. Like much of Nakamura and tha's work, the site features a provocative union of visual and sound. It captures the artist's rhythmic, beatbox-tinged performance, mirrored in Japanese characters as he writes the lyrics into his journal and his Twitter feed. If you check the latter in real life, you'll see the lyrics for real.

The site itself features a bit of interactivity--clicking within will give you options to buy either the pink or purple albums. Close observers of the featured props will also find some interesting relics from creator Nakamura's past.

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